Dylan "Alpha Male" Cooper

Dylan is like the cake boss, but for construction. He doesn’t eat cake, because he’s one fit and trim dude. Dylan can make a seemingly impossible renovation idea, possible… kind of like when he dove off a diving board into pool ring buoy.


Jim “Handyman” Hall

Jim likes to build things. Jim enjoys pumping iron. So, building weight rooms is right up his ally. Jim’s dream is to do a project in Maine… so if you’re from Maine and your school needs a new weight room, please let us know. Until then… stay tuned!


Makayla “The Creative Curator” Frickey

Makayla is good at creating graphics to make our weight rooms look pretty. But that’s not all she gives a “frick” about… she wears so many different hats it’s a wonder how she fits them all on her head. Makayla is kind of like the mom of team… which technically makes her the boss.


Sarah “Socialite” Williams

Sarah is a social gal, and she likes to spread the good word about our foundation through the interweb when she is not taking selfies and posting photos of coffee art. Don’t mistake Sarah’s social media prowess as weakness, she can clang and bang in the weight room with the best of them. So be sure to give Sarah and Bodybuilding.com's Lift Life Foundation a follow!


Randi “The Law” Schumacher

Randi is an attorney who does crossfit… you don’t want to mess with Randi. When it comes to the foundation though she’s a big softy who goes above and beyond to make sure each project is a success… but we still wouldn’t recommend messing with Randi.


Video Crew 


Eric Bower, Danny Kerr, Colin Harris, Jonathan Rios, Joey Gast, and Eric Knape  
This is our talented film crew. They make the foundation come to life. Yes they are quirky, but they have mad skills… and amazing hair.