Our Latest project: Michele Clark High School | Chicago, Illinois


Focused heavily on academics, athletics at Michele Clark High School had taken a backseat for many years. When Bodybuilding.com’s Lift Life Foundation received the school’s submission video for a weight room remodel, it didn’t show just how bad of shape the gym was in. When the team saw the gym firsthand, they noticed weights were tossed aimlessly on the floor and machines were held together precariously.


The Foundation was eager to begin work on the rundown weight room. Seeing the size of the gym, the team knew they wouldn’t have much room to work with. After dozens of phone calls and meetings with the right people, they were able to get permission to tear down walls and start expanding. With the new-found space, the team was able to include a cardio room which was an all-new addition. On top of adding brand-new equipment, the gym was themed Eagle black and gold throughout to encourage team spirit. Being lifted from the shadows, the athletics department at Michele Clark was given new life with this revamped workout area. The kids and the staff were excited and motivated to begin their fitness journey and Bodybuilding.com’s Lift Life Foundation was proud to have been a part of it.

Help out by donating to the cause and bring another world-class weight room to a school in need.


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