You already know that fitness can transform lives—but it can be hard to start down a healthy path if you don’t have access to the right equipment. That’s especially true for students at schools whose gyms are inadequate, unpleasant, or even unsafe.

But what if all teens started out on a level playing field?

The Lift Life Foundation is a nonprofit organization that serves students at underfunded high schools across the U.S. by completely transforming their weight rooms into state-of-the-art facilities with brand-new equipment. Our mission is to help deserving young people have access to the tools they need to improve their fitness levels, boost their self-worth, and be setup to become their best selves in life.

Next time you shop and qualify for a free gift with purchase, choose to donate to the Lift Life Foundation. A donation of $2 will be made in your name in lieu of your gift. Or contribute directly by clicking the donate
button below!

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The high school years are important for both mental and physical development. Contribute to the Lift Life Foundation and help students create healthier habits
for life.


NOMINATE a school

Do you know of a high school that is badly in need of a new weight room? Let us know, and it could be the next to be transformed. Anyone can nominate a high school – you don’t have to be a student or faculty. 

PARTNER with us

Is your business ready to contribute to kids in need and their communities? We encourage support from many types of businesses, fitness-related or not, who can help us inspire teenagers to live their best lives. 


Anderson PReparatory Academy | Anderson, Indiana

In a struggling town, one school is building the next generation of leaders. With help from the Lift Life Foundation, they’re getting stronger in both mind and body.

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FOUNDING PARTNER is a team of editors, designers, engineers, videographers, customer service reps, and more who are passionate about changing lives. Based in Boise, Idaho, is the world’s largest online fitness store — and a lot more. provides the technology, tools, and products people need to burn fat, build muscle, and become their best selves.



Arsenal Strength is redefining strength equipment with the most dominating products ever created. Arsenal builds champions, not underdogs — and the company’s fans include power lifters, bodybuilders, athletes, and coaches who are looking for the best strength equipment. Arsenal products are built to order with the customer’s choice of custom colors and logos, and they’re made right here in the U.S.A. 

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For 30 years, this Boise-based company has created visual excitement through thoughtful design and fabrication. Their work includes trade show booths, museum displays and interpretive exhibits, interior and exterior signage, wall and vehicle wrap graphics, retail store fixtures and office displayers, kiosks, and more. 

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WESCO Distribution is a leader in industrial supply with an extensive offering of electrical, data communications, general maintenance, repair, and operating (MRO) and electrical OEM products.



WriteyBoard has liberated the classroom whiteboard and made it possible for anyone to have a whiteboard anywhere you could need one. WriteyBoards are a cost-effective modern approach to the cumbersome, expensive, “traditional” dry erase boards. 

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Woodland Sport, part of global logistics company Woodland Group, work very closely with a number of companies involved in the sports, gym and sports nutrition sector and have become a specialist service provider to these industries. Woodland Sports Logistics pride itself on its individual approach, its hard work, determination, commitment and technical skill, the service that every team, club, association and individual expects and deserves. 

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Buy A Hat, Transform A Life

100% Of The Proceeds Help Provide Weight Rooms And
Fitness Equipment To Underfunded Schools.



Made Of 60% Cotton And 40% Polyester

100% Of The Proceeds Help Provide Weight Rooms And Fitness Equipment To Underfunded Schools.



Made Of 50% Cotton And 50% Polyester

100% Of The Proceeds Help Provide Weight Rooms And Fitness Equipment To Underfunded Schools.